Ateji PX White Paper

A gentle introduction to multi-core programming and Ateji PX for application developers and project managers. Includes an in-depth comparison with existing parallel programming approaches.

  • Audience : Java developers, project managers
  • Download the whitepaper : (pdf, 408Kb)

Matrix Multiplication White Paper

Matrix multiplication is a standard benchmark for evaluating the performance of intensive data-parallel operations on recent multi-core processors. We show how to use Ateji PX to achieve state-of-the-art parallel performance, by adding one single operator in your existing code.

  • Audience : Java developers
  • Download the whitepaper : (pdf, 320Kb)

Parallel Reductions White Paper

Ateji PX provides a simple and intuitive syntax for reductions. A typical example is the sum of all elements from a given collection. Such aggregate expressions lead naturally to good parallel performance.

  • Audience : Java developers
  • Available soon

Message-passing Primitives White Paper

Ateji PX provides a complete set of primitives for message passing and distributed programming. This white-paper provides intuitive examples for all these constructs, and compares the simplicity of this approach with other tools such as Erlang and OpenMP.

  • Audience : Java developers
  • Available soon

Ateji PX Manual

The Ateji® PX for Java Manual can be downloaded from the following link. It contains the complete installation procedure, description of all the elements of the language and many examples.

Ateji PX Samples

Ateji provides a comprehensive samples library to help you to better understand Ateji PX concepts and language constructs. We strongly recommend that you write your first Ateji PX programs by starting from a sample and adapting it to your needs. The Ateji PX samples library is available with the Ateji PX plugins, refer to the manual for the installation procedure.


Ateji PX is provided with a powerful run-time library. Here is a link to its API (html format):



Customer Quotes


We just completed an evaluation of Ateji's product, and it does everything it promises… this is a very smart idea

Martin Curley,
European Research Director,


Ateji PX allows quicker and easier Java parallel programming without several of the pain-points of multithreading coming in the way

Dr. Gourab Nath,
Sr. Research Scientist,



Ateji PX is a dream for Java™ developers, enabling all kinds of applications to take better advantage of NVIDIA’s multicore processors.

Stephen Jones,
Product Line Manager,
Developer Tools NVIDIA


Thank you for this brilliant piece of engineering

Ala Shiban,
Haifa University,
Cancer Research Group