Parallel Implementation of the Mandelbrot Set

The following Java applet computes and draws the Mandelbrot set. It illustrates how easily an heavy computation can be parallelized using Ateji PX.


The applet runs 100% on your computer and detects automaticlally the number of cores available.


Mac users: we are sorry that the demo does not run on Mac, we are currently investigating the problem.

  • The Rendering Area tab displays the Mandelbrot set in real-time
  • The Source Code tab shows the source code of the main computing function currently in use
  • The lower part contains controls allowing to tune rendering and parallelization



Customer Quotes


We just completed an evaluation of Ateji's product, and it does everything it promises… this is a very smart idea

Martin Curley,
European Research Director,


Ateji PX allows quicker and easier Java parallel programming without several of the pain-points of multithreading coming in the way

Dr. Gourab Nath,
Sr. Research Scientist,



Ateji PX is a dream for Java™ developers, enabling all kinds of applications to take better advantage of NVIDIA’s multicore processors.

Stephen Jones,
Product Line Manager,
Developer Tools NVIDIA


Thank you for this brilliant piece of engineering

Ala Shiban,
Haifa University,
Cancer Research Group