Ateji PX: Java Parallel Programming Made Simple

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As easy as '||' to boost your Java application performance
No need to be specialized in multithreading, all what is required is the addition of a single || operator in the source code:

Key Features

  • Efficient, making the best use of multi-core hardware
  • Java parallel extension compatible with standard Java source code, libraries and development tools
  • Available as a standard Eclipse plugin

Key Benefits

  • Huge impact on developer's productivity and code quality
  • Easy training and staffing with minimum changes in the development process
  • Seamless migration to future-generation hardware & architecture (Grid,Cloud & GPU)
Unleash the power of multicore processors with Eclipse integrated Java parallel extensions

By leveraging the Eclipse platform, the Ateji PX plug-ins allow intuitive parallel extensions to be seemlessly used into your Java projects.

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Customer Quotes


We just completed an evaluation of Ateji's product, and it does everything it promises… this is a very smart idea

Martin Curley,
European Research Director,


Ateji PX allows quicker and easier Java parallel programming without several of the pain-points of multithreading coming in the way

Dr. Gourab Nath,
Sr. Research Scientist,



Ateji PX is a dream for Java™ developers, enabling all kinds of applications to take better advantage of NVIDIA’s multicore processors.

Stephen Jones,
Product Line Manager,
Developer Tools NVIDIA


Thank you for this brilliant piece of engineering

Ala Shiban,
Haifa University,
Cancer Research Group